Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Ocean

Ocean is the major part of the world and has a major part in peoples Life. The Ocean has water which no one can survive without. The deeper  the ocean the more silent it is, which gives  us a lesson that the more work you have to do daily you should be silent, so that is goes smoother and proper. Unlike the shores of the ocean which is very noisy and gets all the negative things on the shores of the ocean, so this gives a clear idea of the more noisy and cranky you get work related, the more negative energy is filled inside you which is actually waste of time where no work is done. Another fact lost in the ocean is also dangerous as there is no way out for a very long time, similarly as you stick to one kind of work, it does’nt help, you have to keep trying different and new kind of work everytime which will give you a lot of confidence and you will keep growing for the rest of your life. Ocean is divided when it reaches the shore, it gets divided into a lot many times; this benefits the ocean as that it gets purified or it reaches where it is most needed, you need to reachout to other people to show your capabilities as no one knows your capability except you and the one’s who have seen it. Ocean is silent when it is divided and this is the time when it is most beneficial to others and known to others. You need not need to prove yourself regularly but show your capabilities regularly.
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