Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Travelling Experience with TABcab in Mumbai

Travelling experience with TABcab in Mumbai was one wonderful time of  time. Was a sudden plan to Alibaug with friends and there was no taxi available to go there, but TABcab agreed to. I then booked a TABcab at around 2030 to Alibaug. As soon as I got the driver details who is also known as Saathi in the company, I called him as I was in a hurry to go to Alibaug. He came to our destination at 2015 and then he called that he reached. When we were on the way to Alibaug, as there was no infotainment device in his cab, he especially stopped at a music store and bought a couple of music cds to play in the cab and also that we could enjoy the drive. Later on when we were hungry he waited till we ate our food. As soon as we reached Alibaug all the hotels were shut and we had no place to stay as we did not do pre - bookings, so he helped us to find a hotel to stay, for which he was with us for around 1 hour searching for one. He helped us find a very good resort (Kulpe Resorts) which we could stay in and even after he dropped us he told us " Kuch aur kaam hai toh batao". It was a wonderful travelling experience with the saathi and TABcab. Keep it up TABcab for giving us such a pleasant journey and a great start for our picnic.
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